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Whether anyone is watching or not, migration is a lingering leap into the void - collision of social with personal, empathy with intellection, this experience is not misunderstood; it is unrecognized, as languages we’ve vaguely heard at some point in our lives to which we aren’t able to attach a body, as weather and distances expressed in unaccustomed units of measure that can be assimilated; yet only half-rhymed. 
An entire past comes to dwell in a new place with flashes of daydreams that illuminate the synthesis of immemorial and recollected, that goes beyond describing community of immigrants, or enumerating its picturesque or depressing features and analyzing for which reasons community or people that moved there from one place are comfortable. It is, instead, a visual portrait of a community of memory and image.

Cargó, Book Ex·cerpts,(2008-present)
To be published in 2020.

Cargó is a long term project exploring psychological and existential aspects of migration - collision of social, personal, and immemorial. It is primarily shot in the Russian based communities of immigrants in North America. Cargó also explores gradual disappearance and transformation of immigrant neighborhoods.
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