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Whether anyone is watching or not, migration is a lingering leap into the void.  Immigrant experience is not particularly misunderstood, it is rather unrecognized.  It is shaped by and hidden in the blind weight of the opposing principles which comprise it – collision of social with personal, empathy with intellection, immemorial with factual remembrance of things.

Rather than illustrating the experience, Cargó aims to be closer to the moments of poetry than to a photo-journalistic epic by looking into moments of life, things that come from internal visions, and portraying social reality as an enigma. It explores immigrant experience and psyche strictly by means of visual poetic reasoning, uncovering layers that are not on the surface and painting a portrait of a community of memory and image.

As if packed and stored in a piece of luggage, the images collectively represent layers of memory – the memorial, the immemorial, and the everyday. The luggage (Cargó) is the repository of our intimate, and yet collective being.


Cargó, Book Ex·cerpts,(2008-present)
To be published in 2020.

Cargó is a long term project exploring psychological and existential aspects of migration - collision of social, personal, and immemorial. It is primarily shot in the Russian based communities of immigrants in North America. Cargó also explores gradual disappearance and transformation of immigrant neighborhoods.
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